Summer 2014

VIC Message Tracking

While at HP, I worked on a project with the Visibility and Integration Cloud Team (VIC) called Message Tacking (mTrak). This system tracked messages through each part of the supply chain. Mtrack was better than many alternatives because it was entirely cloud based, more flexible and scalable, specifically targeted to serve HP's supply chain visibilty, made it easy to turn flows on, and possible to change configurations rather than changing code

Schema Changes

While on the VIC team, the VIC Message Tracking went through major schema changes.

Landing Page Before

Problems: Little information about each page is given, no desciption of what VIC Message Tacking is, and the number of icons does not match the number of pages.

Landing Page After

The two icons were changed to three icons to match top navigation. The three icons were also changed from icons to page previews so that users could get an idea of what they where they were about to go. Finally, on hover, the page preview fades into a description of the destination page.

Help Functionality

Made a dynamic help menu to display different help features depending on what page you are on.